With new members having joined the team, CQRS is now able to expand its business and will be renamed as Tangram Partners Limited. Being subject to regulatory approval, full details of the developments will be announced shortly

  • Creating quality.. Realising success...

Our Mission

We provide advice that leads to the arrangement of investments, and sponsored businesses are invited to present to our network.

CQRS’ network comprises specialist service delivery partners and investors who have themselves been successful entrepreneurs and who know the critical drivers to allow businesses to achieve their potential.

assisting them to navigate the business and funding mazes.

Businesses that join the CQRS family have access to our expertise and guidance to assist them to navigate the business and funding mazes.


About Us

CQRS advises unlisted businesses, regarding their structure and preparation for investment. We help entrepreneurs navigate the maze of legal, financial, organisational and business planning thereby enabling better decision making and clear documentation which is essential for growth and securing funding.

For the investor, CQRS creates opportunities for their sponsored businesses to engage with potential investors who participate in the required funding round. CQRS and its partners may participate in the financing of some of these businesses. In addition, we provide advice and services via our investment platform which enable them to centralise certain administrative functions, thereby providing efficiencies and security.

CQRS partners represent a diverse talent pool. The CQRS team members have an abundance of business experience and provide perspective on strategy and market context for all investment opportunities. Commonly sponsored businesses invite a CQRS partner to join their board to help ensure that the business receives the full benefit of CQRS support.

CQRS Limited is a limited liability company, registered in England with number 08521440 and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, Firm Reference Number 764618.

Investors want access to exciting innovative businesses and to back success. Entrepreneurs need capital, but capital alone is no guarantee to success as they also need access to expertise, market knowledge and a networks of contacts .... the business building assets that require a lifetime to acquire. CQRS offers this expertise, knowledge and network, enhancing the prospects of success

Our Network

CQRS sponsored businesses have access to our network.

Each member of our network has broad experience and expertise in his or her specialist industry.

Members of our network want to provide their experience and to deploy their wealth in investment areas in which they are knowledgeable.

Each sponsored business has a CQRS Partner appointed to work with them to help draw on the network and to reduce the risks inherent in building any business.



Creative solutions to complex problems are a part of CQRS' DNA.

Each business is unique, each entrepreneur, each leadership team also unique – ‘one size/one way’ definitely does not fit all!

Our team is proud of the diverse range of businesses we have supported and the solutions we have developed to ensure progress whatever the roadblock.



Services for Sponsored Businesses

CQRS provides the core support skills that early stage companies require including legal, financial, HR, strategy, marketing and sales.

These are provided on an advisory basis as part of the relationship and, as needed, on a project basis.

The CQRS partnership comprises many individuals with substantial skills in many areas including:

  • acquisitions
  • accountancy and tax
  • financial modelling
  • governance and human resources
  • legal
  • outsourcing
  • online marketing
  • strategy and business planning
  • web development

Our partners are available on an 'as needed' basis. Having low fixed overheads we don’t need to force services on our investee companies. Partners with appropriate skills are available for sponsored companies to call on for high level discussion and advice as needed and can provide ad-hoc support or conduct projects for sponsored companies very cost effectively and with high value added.


Helping Sponsored Businesses Secure Funding

CQRS has access to and experience of a variety of funding options. We support sponsored companies that are raising funds.

Our goal is a fair deal for all.

CQRS partners may invest alongside.

Most advisors say they can help companies raise funds, but CQRS is unique in several ways:

  • our partners invest at the same value as other early stage investors
  • we have in house legal and accounting capabilities avoiding the “clash and cost” of multiple advisors
  • we have experience in all stages of fund raising from pre-money idea financing to flotation on the main markets
  • we are able to deal with all aspects of EIS and SEIS funding purely in-house

the key is that we are not driving for a quick, profitable transaction… business building takes time; our aim is rewarding relationships of trust with both our investors and the companies we invest in.


CQRS Values

Our values are based upon the highest professional standards


We say what we will do, and we do what we say. We like to work with others who deal in the same way.

Integrity and clarity are critical.

We don’t want to confuse people, and we don’t want to be confused either.

We know that unexpected things happen, we might not like what we hear, but it is far better to know the real position and have a chance of influencing what happens, than to learn too late. Facts are, as they say, friends.



The CQRS partnership key is having our interests aligned with those of the sponsored business.

Once we have agreed to sponsor a business, our commitment is to support it in any way that we can.

The most value members of the CQRS family receive is from the knowledge and advice of those who have been there before, and who know where (or to whom or how) to go to get to the next point on the development route.

The tangible value-adds include financial modelling, legal, accounting, presentational and HR advice; the intangible value comes from being part of the CQRS family and its network.


Social Responsibility

We are privileged to be able to support less profit oriented, but socially valuable, projects.

We are able to sponsor sustainable, albeit less profit oriented projects, by putting them in a commercial wrapper and giving our network the opportunity to support a good cause - sometimes taking advantage of tax breaks, even if they do not expect to make a financial return.

We take pride in helping a number of medical research organisations, educational initiatives and disadvantaged people to access the experience and generosity of our network.


The Team


Quentin is a corporate finance lawyer. Having trained with Pinsent Curtis, spent a dozen years in the City (many as a senior partner at Berwin Leighton Paisner) and established his own firm in 2002, specialising in corporate and commercial advisory services for high growth technology businesses, including several that he led through IPOs (one of which successfully transferred from the London market to NASDAQ). He was engaged by Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman as a corporate consultant in its London office from 2004 to 2007 and transferred his firm to Burlingtons Legal LLP in 2012, where he continues as a consultant.

Quentin was also one of two founders of Eurovestech PLC, an early stage technology investment company, which was listed on AIM for over a decade, he remains on the Board. He has a wide range of interests, having trained as a mediator, lectured at CASS and Cranfield School of Management and been an adviser to the Investor Relations Society he has also been a partner in a Far Eastern merchant banking advisory business and introduced a company to AIM and then transitioned it to NASDAQ.

He specialises in advising early stage companies both on aspects of funding and structuring commercial deals, he commonly takes an equity position in the company he advises and sits on their advisory boards.

Robin’s career has been for the most part in management consulting and advisory services (Price Waterhouse, Crane Davies, Penna plc). He has worked for a range of FTSE/International companies:
AT&T, BT, BP, eBay, Goldman Sachs, Diageo, National Grid, Novartis, Standard Life.

His expertise is in change management: from strategy to organisation design to leadership and team development. He has been coaching Executives and Boards for 30 years + and travels globally presenting on leadership and change.

He has over the last 30 years been investing and supporting ‘young’ companies in the technology/software, media/social media, music, professional services and manufacturing sectors. He has also worked with and alongside some of the leading venture capital firms to:
• Improve their approach to evaluating the management capability of potential investee companies
• Work with the CEO’s/Boards of investee companies during the difficult times.

Robin is/has been Chairman of several companies and has been a non-Executive Director on the Board of many: currently TORI Global (IT Professional Services), Eskimo (creative marketing to music and media), Intent HQ (social media marketing and data analytics), westbrook International (Salesforce Platinum Partner for implementation).

Jacques has over 25 years’ experience of consulting, technology and business management and is currently the CEO of BQu a business services company based in the UK and Sri Lanka which he founded as well as a partner of TORI, a technology consultancy to financial institutions and a non-executive director of the charity nacue, the national association of college and university entrepreneurs.

Jacques developed leading consulting capabilities and knowledge management capabilities as Vice President of Mercer Management Consulting, Principal of Booz|Allen|Hamilton in the UK, France and USA and as a founding Director of Spicer and Oppenheim Consultants. His focus in was mainly in Financial Services with an additional focus on Investment Banking and Capital Markets

He was also the CEO of Patsystems plc, a leading on-line trading software developer, where he took the company from a 6 man start-up, through a London Main Market flotation; growing it into a £200m market capitalized company in 3 years. Jacques was also a Director of ICL Financial Services in the UK and France. Over the last years Jacques has been involved with over 15 start-ups as founder, mentor or funder.

Jacques has an MA in Physics from Oxford University and an MBA from London Business School and is married with three wonderful daughters.


Sarah has worked in the field of financial regulation for over 25 years, with a focus on investment banking. Latterly, she was European Head of Compliance for MF Global UK Limited and from 2005 to 2010, at BNP Paribas, she held various roles including Deputy Global Head of Investment Banking Compliance; Global Head of Fixed Income Compliance; Regional Head UK/Americas, Investment Banking; and throughout, Head of UK Territory Compliance across Corporate and Investment Banking, Asset Management, Wealth Management and Retail. From 2003 to 2005, Sarah was Global Head of Fixed Income Compliance and Head of UK Compliance at West LB, following her roles at UBS from 1992 to 2002, where she was Global Coordinator for Fixed Income/Commodities Compliance in addition to Head of UK Compliance for Private Banking, On-Exchange Derivatives, and Corporate Banking. Sarah's Compliance experience followed a Head of Operations role, prior to which she worked outside the financial services sector and primarily in the fields of architectural and environmental conservation.

Sarah has had in depth experience of building and managing Compliance teams across different cultures; upgrading Compliance advisory expertise and developing Compliance systems and controls to create a function delivering the identification, measurement, mitigation and management of Compliance Risk; handling regulatory inspections and investigations, including Section 166s; and working through regulatory enforcement proceedings and the wind up of a company under 'Special Administration'. In addition to Sarah's Compliance experience, her involvement in projects to enhance Governance arrangements across a number of firms, in response to regulatory scrutiny, has given her a broad understanding of the potentials for effectiveness through efficient interconnectivity between Risk functions and Management strategies, structures and rewards.

Sarah is married with four children and has helped her husband develop a small holiday letting business in the UK and France.

Jeff has had a notable career within Financial Services selling his first IFA practice as a going concern in 2005 and merging his second in 2009 to focus on venture finance.

Jeff, a passionate ambassador for the Financial Services Industry was the inaugural London Chairman of The Personal Finance Society. He has leveraged his detailed understanding of a highly regulated sector to raise capital and work within other professions and businesses. Jeff has taken a number of businesses from start up to exit. He specialises in combining corporate governance with fund raising, corporate finance and structuring business exit and uses these skills at CQRS. He has served on the board of European American Capital and held advocate and board adviser roles with Weightmans (Law Practice) and Stargate Capital (VC), Risk Mosaic (A US Energy Business), SA Cohen & Co, and Directorships at Wealth Rapport and Accountants, Moores Waren and Trinity Financial Ltd.

Jeff is a proud father and husband and enjoys spending his spare time on a hockey pitch with his daughter having re-launched Ealing’s very own Hockey Cub and growing this to nearly 400 members.

Nathan graduated from King's College London with a master's degree in Biochemistry and carried out research at an Oncology lab in Surrey university. He applies this experience and knowledge base to CQRS' healthcare and technology- oriented clients.

Nathan has several years of experience as a data analyst, consultant and admin for CQRS. Through these roles, Nathan carries out the various support functions underpinning CQRS' business activities.

Nathan is committed to professional development and is currently studying towards a certificate in corporate finance with the CISI and is learning SQL to complement his analytical skillset.

Our References

CQRS and its partners have ongoing working relationships with numerous companies, most of them from start-up.

To serve our clients, we are proud to partner with:


The Right Solution at the Right Time in the Right Format at the Right Price

BQu provides web and software development, online marketing and business analysis support to companies. BQu’s approach is “issues and solutions”-led, and focus on understanding the exact needs of their clients and tailor their solutions to provide the best value possible in a timely manner.

Services offered:

  • Web & App Solutions Development: BQu focuses on development of web sites that form a part of the customer value of their clients and require the management of information and content to make it both useful to management and easy to find and use
  • Online Marketing & SEO: BQu has an experienced team which can assist clients with all or some of their online requirements from on-site SEO optimization, through social media management, blog writing, email marketing to online advertising
  • Business Research & Data Analysis: BQu Analysts have all been trained in the Issues based analytical process and with Barbara Minto’s Logic in Thinking and Writing that are the two building blocks of the training of Associates in leading consultancies.

Products offered:

  • BQu TMS: BQu has developed a unique capability - the BQu Time Management System (BQu TMS) and BQu Student Attendance Management System (BQu SAMS), where time and attendance information capture is highly configurable and reporting tailored to the specific needs of each individual user.
  • BQu eLibrary: BQu has both purchased many business books and configured other resources in a format that enables this to be available to institutions and individuals at a low per person cost



Crisp Thinking – Protecting the Brand, Customers and Online Communities

Crisp’s solutions take care of moderating, monitoring and managing all types of User Generated Content. Crisp remains the market specialist in protecting against brand risks online by dealing with offensive content and malicious users, enabling global brands to focus on delivering a world-class social experience.

Colin is a non executive director and shareholder and individually each of the CQRS principals has supported Crisp for many years.



A company that produces lightweight, CO2 friendly pallets. The Directors of CQRS are all involved as founder investors with Steve as Chairman and Quentin as legal counsel. The company has evolved over 3 years into a fully operational factory (located for ease of distribution in the Midlands) with a capacity to produce 30,000 pallets per month.

We have provided guidance, structure, resources, seed-funding and now, as the business is growing sales and client base in the UK and mainland Europe as well as through an agency in Ireland, we have recently raised over £1m from our network as well as an institutional investor. Now the business is established and production is secure, the next phase is in the sales and customer acquisition, the first phase of which is concentrated on air-freighters and Healthcare producers.



Founded in 2013, Eskimo provides marketing support to brands particularly through digital platforms and the deployment of smart tech to create distinctive events (concerts, festivals…) that promote brand affinity, customer acquisition and retention.

Robin (Chairman) has four partners specialising in media and entertainment, marketing, technology and programme execution. Key clients include Samsung, Mastercard, Festival HQ (a majority owned subsidiary) and Da Banda. Whilst young, Eskimo is winning client/accounts that the major agencies would envy and has demonstrated remarkable growth and innovation.

CQRS are helping to expand the investor base and providing support on the fund-raising now needed to support the growth and the continuing development of technology and IP.


Form Tool

TheFormTool has developed an incredibly powerful Microsoft Word plug-in that allows simple and highly intelligent document automation, fitting perfectly with CQRS’ mantra of working smarter not harder – the embodiment of Creating Quality to Realise Success.

The business model that TheFormTool follows is based on Adobe’s winning formula of a free reader available to all ( TheFormTool), a powerful one time purchase authoring tool (TheFormTool PRO) and a sophisticated lockable, intelligent, database dipping, document-suite creating top of the range version using the “Fetch” and “Folio” library clause facilities (Doxserá DB) – and even more sophisticated versions being released regularly. CQRS invested in the TheFormTool’s A Round.



Founded in 2001, TORI provides expertise to the financial services sector with three areas of focus:

  • Operational strategy and support in implementation of technology change in all areas (architecture, service management, data, digital)
  • Programme and Project Management support during transformation and change, drawing upon experienced ‘C’ level practitioners to provide the ‘hands-on’ expertise to accelerate the change
  • Innovation and capability development – providing the organization support to change including leadership development and coaching, team-building, communication and engagement, planning workshops.

Steve and Robin were founding Partners in TORI and Robin is Chairman. Key clients include Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Old Mutual and BNP Paribas.

TORI is now in acquisition mode and CQRS are supporting the appraisal/due diligence of the target organisations and the commercial negotiations and deal structures.


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